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Pasa la Torta!

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Life Stories

These day’s it’s pretty common to find a Movie Theater that serves a full menu with your favorite drinks. Almost every major city now has one of these establishments. When I was growing up Drive Ins were on there way out. I did get to go see a couple of movies there and of course my mom would have a whole Hielera full of goodies, but that didn’t last long. Once the Drive Ins closed the only choices we had were the Dollar Movies (older but new to me movies) and the Regular Movie Theaters which both offered Expensive Drinks, Popcorn and Candies. I remember my mom saying, “we’re going to watch a movie, pero no pidan nada”. My mom always had us covered though, just because we couldn’t buy anything didn’t mean we weren’t going to enjoy the movie and munch out! We went BIG too, not just candies and sodas, I remember my mom handing down the Tortas with Jamon and Aguacate, and a few Doritos in a sandwich bag. I also remember carefully opening a can of Soda so no one would hear us opening it! When I was a kid I thought we had it bad because we didn’t buy any of the Junk that was sold at the theaters but looking back at it now I know that we were the Lucky ones! By the way nowadays I’ll break down and buy some popcorn and sodas but occasionally I’ll still bring me a little something!


Whether you want to buy, sell or trade something you can always make a deal at La Pulga!  La Pulga is simply a Flea Market but in Texas it feels like a little Mercado in Mexico!  Other than the great bargains, you can always find some great food! I remember eating some great Fruta con Limon y Chile, Churritos con salsa, Raspas and some awesome Coctel de Camaron!  It’s a place where you can buy an Agua Fresca, some produce, an outfit, a new pet and get your Windshield replaced at the same time?  It’s definitely a cultural thing and we love it!  If you’ve ever wondered how people can afford Louis Vuitton Bags, Gucci Sunglasses and Crocodile Shoes wonder no more, Pulga’s make it possible. Also if you’ve ever left a piece of furniture on the curb, chances are it was sold at La Pulga!  So if you ever want to get a little taste of Mexico, we’ll see you there!!