Holiday Food!

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized


One of the Great Benefits of growing up Latino in America is that you get double the food during the Holidays!  Thanksgiving and Christmas doesn’t just mean Turkey & Ham for us.  I remember when I was a kid I would wake up and the house smelled like heaven.  Of course my mom had the “American” Spread with Turkey and all the fixings but we also had all of our traditional Mexican dishes.  The whole family would get involved in the preparations. I remember helping my mom embarrar the tamales or trying to help with the Tortilla rolling, which I could never get perfectly round.  In addition to the Tamales my mom would make a big batch of Pozole and Guisados with Beans and Rice which we covered with a Fresh batch of Salsa and shoveled with our Homemade Flour Tortillas right off the comal!  Our Neighbors and Family Members would arrive throughout the day with Pan Dulce, Buñuelos, Capirotada, Pumpkin pie and other desserts and side dishes.  There was never really a set time when we all sat and ate, we just pretty much ate all day.  

I’m glad to say that the traditions continue in my own home with my wife and children.  Although we still hit my Mom’s house during Christmas we’ve decided to start our own Thanksgiving Tradition at our own home.  We’ve done it now for the past three years and it seems like it just keeps getting bigger and better.  This past Thanksgiving, my wife who is originally from San Luis Potosi, outdid herself again.  This year we had a HUGE pot of Chicken Mole and I’m not talking about a store bought paste, I’m talking about the made from scratch family recipe.  She added Homemade Beans, Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese and of course a twenty pound turkey!! (Pictured Above)  My wife worked night and day to make sure that everything was made from scratch.  She cooked so much that we’ve had wave’s of friends come over and eat the Recalentado & of course everyone loves it!  


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