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Black Tie

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Life Stories

Last night my wife and I attended the Partners in Education Gala in Austin TX. It’s the organizations largest fundraising event of the year; they raise around $200K for Education. The Black Tie affair brings in top Educators, large Corporate Sponsors, Local Business Professionals & Elected Officials.

In preparation for the event, I went out looking for a new tie. After looking at a couple of stores I finally found two ties that i couldn’t decide between, so I got both! One was a blue striped tie the other a Black on Black modern design. The cashier said, “ooh, I like this black one!” I was pretty happy with my choices. When i got home, I asked my wife’s opinion about the ties and she said she absolutely hated the Black one, which is the one I was leaning towards. I went ahead and wore the Black one anyway.

All night I wondered if I’d made the right choice until we walked up to a bar for a drink. The bartender greeted us with a smile and took our drink order, then he noticed my tie! He said, “that’s a great tie sir”, my wife and I looked at each other and she told him that he just made my night. He told her that those ties are “In” right now, that actors and athletes are wearing that style of tie. I was as excited as he was and thanked him for the confirmation. He even kidded with me and said he’d trade me for his tie. I felt great & so satisfied at that moment that i just pulled my tie off and gave it to the young man. Instead of a tip he got my new tie, he said i made his night too!!