Making a Difference

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Do you Volunteer or work with an Organization that Helps your community or environment in any way?  Has anyone ever done something for you that inspired you to do something for someone else?  My Friends at Johnson & Johnson have a program called Care Inspires Care that encourages acts of kindness.  The Program, “centers on the idea that every act of care, large or small, can inspire another act of care-thus, creating a more caring world.”  By sharing our stories we can start making a a difference.

Growing up in our Family it seemed that we were always helping someone out.  We didn’t have much money but my Folks could never say no to anyone that needed a helping hand.  We had folks stay at our house until they got back on their feet, my dad fixed our friends cars, he helped others Roof their houses, whatever was needed my parents were there.  In return, i remember that we always had help from our friends.  If the A/C Broke, or we needed to paint or repair something at our house we could always count on someone.  These experiences are engraved in my mind.

Today I do many things based on those experiences.  One of my favorite volunteer opportunities is that I sit on the Board of The Backpack Coalition in Round Rock TX.  The moment I found out that this organization existed, i knew that I had to be a part of it.  I couldn’t believe that Children in my community, in my daughters class, were struggling to have a meal, especially on the weekend.  The backpack Coalition provides a bag of food with enough meals to help get the children through the weekend.  It’s a Non-Profit Organization that works only because our Community backs it up.  Tears have come to my eyes from just hearing the stories that the children share with us.  They are truly grateful for our efforts and I know that we are making a difference.

What’s your story?

Share your story and you could be one of 11 people to win a $50 GoodCard* from my friends at Johnson & Johnson #JNJ #Inspirecare Care Inspires Care FB  @JNJNews

*Good Card is a Social Currency that can be redeemed as a donation to any of more than 1.2 Million Charities.


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