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With Barack Obama winning a second term as President of the United States, there are many comments buzzing around the web and social media sites.  People want to share their opinions with the world and they seek approval from their friends.  During this time you can really learn a lot about your “friends”.

Growing up in a small town in West Texas and Playing Tennis, most of my friends were Non-Hispanic.  Although I never really felt out of place, I was always conscious about it.  Most of the Hispanic people I knew were 3rd and 4th Generation Mexican Americans and many had lost touch with their roots and culture.  Our environment really didn’t encourage us to be proud of our heritage,  instead it made some of us ashamed of being Latino.  There were jokes and rude comments about Mexicans all of the time.  When you’re young and growing up in that environment you think it’s normal.  Some people that never leave those small towns go their whole life thinking that it’s normal.

It wasn’t until I moved to Austin Texas and started working at a Fortune 50 Company that I started to meet Highly Educated Latinos from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and countless other Latin American Countries.  People that came from wealthy families and people that came from nothing.  It was amazing to see these Prominent Latino Leaders within my company and within my community.  The environment I grew up in had you believe that this was impossible.  Most of the Immigrants that come to the US to work in these small towns are not highly educated.  They come here to give their families a better life.  Many of these Immigrants teach their children the values of hard work and they push them to go to School so that they don’t have to work as hard as them.

Many of my “friends” that I grew up with still have this mentality.  They feel like they are better than us because that’s how they grew up and that’s what they learned from their parents and grandparents.  I see comments that are hurtful and racist from people that i used to call friends.  I know it’s Ignorance but it does sting sometimes, especially when you don’t expect it.  All I can do is pray for these people and hope that they aren’t bitter for the rest of their lives.  I on the other hand am now even more Confident and Proud of being a Latino, I want to shout it from the Roof Tops!!! Say it with me, YO SOY LATINO!!!!


What an Extraordinary Event! I Honestly did not know what to Expect. This was my first #Latism Conference and it Definitely lived up to the Hype. The content that was presented by the Panelists and the Workshops was very detailed and informative. The People that I met ranged from top Journalists, Bloggers & Social Media Experts that have years of experience to college students that are just starting out! The different perspectives made the panels and workshops very interactive and interesting. The fact that so many top successful businesses are interested in supporting this great Latino Movement through sponsorship, not only confirms the strength of #Latism but it confirms the Strength of the Sponsors as well. It’s very inspiring to learn that these great companies care what we think and want to do more to help our communities.

In addition to all of the great interaction and learning that was going on we were also Motivated by some Great Speakers with Awesome stories of perseverance. Some of my favorites were @Ramon_Deleon who made you want to go the extra mile for people and pay attention to the little things, he also made me want Pizza! @Nely_Galan made you want to go all out to succeed at all cost, to buy buildings instead of shoes. Sandra Cisneros taught us the importance of being a Chingon(a) and how to get there!! I could go on and on but instead i’d like to invite you to experience it for yourself! Join us in NY next year for #LATISM13 and in the meantime get involved with your local #LATISM Chapters!

A very special thanks to all of our sponsors that made it all possible!

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