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Doug Williams

Today is a Big Day for Football Fans around the World.  One notable statistic is that there has only been one African American Starting Quarterback to win the Super Bowl (Doug Williams 1987).   Today there is an opportunity to make that Two with Colin Kaepernick starting for the San Francisco 49ers.  Although race is not the top story in the media, Like in 1987, it’s still something that is in the back of many Football Fans minds.


Jim Plunkett

For Latino’s, we had Jim Plunkett who was the first Latino to win the Heisman Trophy as Quarterback (1970) and also the first Starting Latino QB to win a Super Bowl (1981,1984).  Although it wasn’t as highly publicized as was Doug Williams win, maybe because of the Non-Latino Last name, it’s something that is as significant for us. Although Latinos have had some success in the NFL’s Past, Tom Flores was the first Hispanic NFL QB in History (1960) & Steve Van Buren First Hispanic elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1968), we now see more Latino Last Names on Jersey’s across the NFL than ever.


Victor Cruz

When I was growing up in the early 90’s I remember the perception was that Latinos didn’t have the size or speed to play in the NFL, especially not at the QB position.  In 2012 we had two starting Latino QB’s in Romo and Sanchez, although I wouldn’t bet on either one of them to win the big one, we’ve come a long way.  We have other standout players like Arian Foster, Victor Cruz, Aaron Hernandez, Willie Colon and Tony Gonzales.  You can also feel the Latin Flavor when Victor Cruz, does his Salsa Dance after a touchdown.  There are countless other up and coming players as well, including NCAA QB Taylor Martinez of Nebraska.  With Sports, you can break down many walls, the game has certainly changed and the future looks bright for our Latino Youth.