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It’s been a couple of weeks since the #LATISM12 Conference took place in Houston Texas.  I can now take a moment and reflect on what parts of the 4 day event were the most impactful for me.  There were so many interesting and influential people that shared so much; I felt like a sponge absorbing all of the great information and energy. Being a Sales Rep for a Fortune 50 company I focused primarily on the Business Panels. Although there were some Great Panels overall the one that really hit me was one Mediated by Elianne Ramos, “Social Media is about Relationships”.

Early in the conference I met Ted Rubin.  A friend of mine asked if i’d met him yet and since i hadn’t he promptly introduced me.  I wondered, “what’s special about this guy, other than his socks?”.  I soon found out, he is definitely one of the most influential people that I’ve met, in and out of social media. In the short time that I spent getting to know him in the hotel lobby, i knew that I wanted to learn more.  I found out that he would be part of the panel “Social Media is about Relationships” and i penciled it into my agenda.  All of the Panelists and the Moderator were fantastic.  What I learned in that One Hour Discussion is something that I’ve thought about every day since the conference.

The term “Return on Relationship” is very powerful, it’s a term that Mr. Rubin has trademarked and is releasing a book about next month.  It doesn’t matter what business you are in whether you are a Marketing Rep, work in PR, you blog or are in Sales like myself  #RonR is something that we should all live by.  A few of the most memorable Ted Rubin quotes that I jotted down during the discussion that directly support the #RonR point of view were, “Social Media is not Media, it’s communication”,  “Let’s take the word Friend back and let’s look people in the eye digitally”.  Although this was a topic focused specifically for “Social Media” it’s the communication piece that really makes the difference when you’re building your brand.  #RonR is now a part of my daily life, i can’t wait for the book!